How To Buy A Curtain?

The process of buying a home furnishing fabric starts by getting its accurate measurements. With regards to curtains, the right size of this fabric can further enhance the beauty of any room. Alternatively, undersized or oversized window fabrics do not blend well with the furniture and windows. Hence, measuring the window size ought to be the first thing you have to do before buying curtains especially when doing this online.

In your quest for getting the best pair of curtains, you have to take the first step by getting its measurements. If you're not sure about the size of your windows, here is how you can accurately measure it.

First, you have to fix the curtain pole on the window to which you want to hang the window fabric. It is essential that the pole is bigger than the window so by that, the curtain does not block the sunlight when it's open. Hence, the pole has to be at least 15 centimeter bigger than the window on every side. As soon as you are done fixing the pole, get its measurements.

Second of all, you have to decide whether you like a pair, single or full length curtain. The width of fabric you've measured will be perfect for single curtain whereas you need to increase its size by 20 centimeter in the event that you like to use a pair, learn more here!

When you're done with the window's measurement of the curtain's width, it is now time to measure the length. In regards to this, you once again need the help of your pole. Thus, fix the pole 15 centimeter above the window so by that, light can't enter the room as you draw out the curtains. Then after, measure the size of the window and ensure that the curtain is neither too small nor too large. For more details about window blinds and curtains, check out .

A very important thing that you have to consider prior to visiting a furnishing store to buy your curtains online is gathering your window fabric. There are some people who like flat design when drawn while others prefer a little bit of gather. If ever you fall into the latter, then the size of the curtain must be bigger than the measured size. This gives you the chance to keep gathering according to your requirements. Alternatively, if you like a flat curtain, you may want to stick w/ the measurements you have taken.

Then when you are okay with your preferences, the design of curtain and everything in between, simply hit the checkout button to pay for your items, learn more!